Day 79 of the Holy Bible One Year Challenge. God leads His people with clouds and fire. The Israelites move the entire camp. John the Baptist baptizes Jesus, then gets thrown in jail.

This episode is dedicated to the late Perry Tipton, who moved on to be with the Lord at the young age of 56. He plays the voice of John the Baptist in this episode. Perry was a dedicated Christian of 20 years, a marine corp veteran, and a faithful husband to my mother, Linda Tipton. you can find out more about the life and time of Perry Tipton on his memorial page on Facebook. The link is in the show notes below. I'm glad that we can still hear his voice through the magic of the internet. We get to hear him doing what he loved most and that's reading God's Word in the great outdoors.

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Numbers 9:15-23

Numbers 10

Numbers 11:1-3

Luke 3:1-22

Psalm 35:19-28

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