Day 253 of the Holy Bible One Year CHALLENGE. Isaiah prophesies about the apocalypse, resurrections, and Heaven | 2 Corinth 11: Paul's Sufferings

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Isaiah 24

Isaiah 25

Isaiah 26

2 Corinthians 11:16-33

Psalm 106:32-39

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Show Transcript

Isaiah 24

God Will Punish Israel

Look, the LORD is destroying this land.

He will clean out the land completely

and force all the people to go far away.

2 At that time whatever happens to the common people

will also happen to the priests.

Slaves and masters will be the same.

Women slaves and their women masters will be the same.

Those who buy and those who sell will be the same.

Those who borrow and those who lend will be the same.

Bankers and those who owe the bank will be the same.

3 Everyone will be forced out of the land.

All the wealth will be taken.

This will happen because the LORD commanded it.

4 The country will be empty and sad.

The world will be empty and weak.

The great leaders of the people in this land will become weak.

5 The people have ruined the land. They did what God said is wrong. They did not obey God’s laws.

They made an agreement with God a long time ago,

but they broke their agreement with God.

6 The people living in this land are guilty of doing wrong,

so God has vowed to destroy the land. The people will be punished,

and only a few of them will survive.

7 The grapevines are dying, and the new wine is bad.

People who were happy are now sad.

8 They have stopped showing their joy.

The happy music from the drums and harps has ended.

9 They no longer sing as they drink their wine.

The beer now tastes bitter to those who drink it.

10 “Total Confusion” is a good name for this city.

The city has been destroyed. People cannot enter the houses. The doors are blocked.

11 People still ask for wine in the marketplaces,

but all the joy is gone.

It was carried off with everything else.

12 All that is left is destruction. Even the gates are crushed.

13 All over the earth, in every nation,

only a few people will be left alive, like the few olives left in a tree

or the grapes left on a vine after harvest.

14 Those still living will shout and sing for joy.

In the west, they praise the LORD’s greatness.

15 So, people in the east should praise the LORD!

People in the lands beyond the sea should honor the name of the LORD, the God of Israel.

16 We hear songs from everywhere on earth

praising God, who does what is right. But I say, “Enough!

I have had enough. What I see is terrible.

Traitors are turning against people and hurting them.”

17 I see troubles for all you people on earth.

I see fear, death traps and pits waiting for everyone.

18 People will hear about the danger,

and they will be afraid.

Some of them will run away,

but they will fall into a pit and be trapped.

And those who climb out of the pit will be caught in another trap.

The floodgates in the sky above will open,

and the floods will begin.

The foundations of the earth will shake.

19 There will be earthquakes, and the earth will split open.

20 The sins of the world are very heavy,

so the earth will fall under the weight. It will shake like an old house.

It will fall like a drunk.

It will not be able to stand.

21 At that time the LORD will judge the heavenly armies in heaven

and the earthly kings on earth.

22 Many people will be gathered together.

They have been locked in the Pit. They have been in prison.*

But finally, after a long time, they will be judged.

23 The LORD will rule as king on Mount

Zion in Jerusalem.

His glory will be shown to the city leaders with such brightness that‌

the moon will be embarrassed and the sun will be ashamed.

Isaiah 25

A Song of Praise to God

LORD, you are my God.

I honor you and praise your name,

because you have done amazing things. The words you said long ago are completely true;

everything happened exactly as you said it would.

2 And you destroyed the city that was

protected by strong walls. Now it is only a pile of rocks.

The foreign palace has been destroyed. It will never be rebuilt.

3 That is why powerful nations will honour you.

Powerful people from strong cities will fear you.

4 You have been a safe place for poor

people in trouble.

You are like a shelter from floods and shade from the heat

when powerful men attack.

They are like rain streaming down the walls,

protecting us from the storm.

5 Like the heat of summer in a dry land, the angry shouts of those foreigners

brought us to our knees.

But like a thick cloud that blocks the summer heat,

you answered their challenge.

God’s Banquet for His Servants

6 The LORD All-Powerful will give a feast for all the people on this mountain.

At the feast, there will be the best foods and wines.

The meat will be good and tender, the wine pure and clear.

7 But now there is a veil

covering all nations and people. This veil is called “death”.

8 But death will be destroyed forever.

The Lord GOD will wipe away the tears from every face.

He will take away the shame his people have suffered all over the world.

The LORD has said this will happen.

9 At that time people will say, “Here is our God!

He is the one we have been waiting for. He has come to save us.

We have been waiting for our LORD.

So we will rejoice and be happy when he saves us.”

10 The LORD’s power is on this mountain,

and Moab† will be defeated.

The Lord will trample the enemy

like someone walking on straw in a pile of waste.

11 They will reach out their arms to escape

like someone trying to swim.

But their pride will sink with each stroke they take.

12 He will destroy their high walls and safe places.

He will throw them down into the dust on the ground.

Isaiah 26

A Song of Praise to God

At that time people will sing this song in Judah:

We have a strong city with strong walls and defenses,

but God gives us our salvation.

2 Open the gates for those who do what is right.

They are the God’s faithful followers.

3 God, you give true peace

to people who depend on you, to those who trust in you.

4 So trust the LORD always,

because in the LORD GOD†

you have a place of safety forever. 5 But he will destroy the proud city and punish those who live there.

He will throw that high city down to the ground.

It will fall into the dust.

6 And those who were hurt by that city will walk all over its ruins.

Those who lost everything will trample it under their feet.

7 Honesty is the path good people follow.

They follow the path that is straight and true.

And God, you make that way smooth and easy to follow.

8 But, LORD, we are waiting for your

way of justice.

We want to honor you and your name.

9 At night I long to be with you.

And in the morning I want to be where you are.

When your way of justice comes to the world,

people will learn the right way of living. 10 Evil people will not learn to do good, even if you show them only kindness.

They will still do wrong, even if they live in a good world.

They never see the LORD’s greatness.

11 LORD, your arm is raised to punish them,

but they don’t see it.

Show them how strong your love‡ is for your people.

Then those who are evil will be ashamed.

Yes, your fire will destroy your enemies.

12 LORD, you are the one who will bring us peace.

All our success has come from you.

God Will Give New Life to His People

13 LORD, you are our God,

but in the past, we followed other lords.

We belonged to other masters,

but now we want people to remember only one name—yours.

14 Those dead lords will not come to life.

Those ghosts will not rise from death. You decided to destroy them,

and you destroyed everything that makes us think about them.

15 LORD, you have helped the nation you love.

You made our nation grow

and brought honor to yourself.§16 LORD, people remember you when they are in trouble.

So because of your punishment, we called out to you.

17 LORD, because of you we were in pain,

like a woman giving birth,

who struggles and cries out when it is time.

18 But we struggled in pain for nothing.

We gave birth only to wind.

We did nothing to save the land.

No one was born to live in the world.

19 Your people have died, but they will live again. The bodies of my people will rise from death.

Dead people in the ground, stand and be happy!

The dew covering you is like

the dew sparkling in the light of a new day.

It shows that a new time is coming, when the earth will give birth to the

dead who are in it.

Judgement: Reward or Punishment

20 My people, go into your rooms and lock your doors.

Hide in there for a short time until God’s anger is finished.

21 Look! The LORD is coming out from his place

to judge the people of the world for the bad things they have done.

The earth will reveal the blood that has been spilled on it.

2 Corinthians 11:16-33

Paul Tells About His Sufferings

16 I tell you again: no one should think that I am a fool. But if you think I am a fool, then accept me as you would accept a fool. Then I can boast a little too. 17 But I am not talking the way the Lord would talk. I am boasting like a fool. 18 Others are boasting about their lives in the world. So I will boast too. 19 You are wise, so you will gladly be patient with fools! 20 I say this because you are even patient with someone who forces you to do things and uses you. You are patient with those who trick you, or think they are better than you or hit you in the face! 21 I am ashamed to say it, but we were too “weak” to do such things to you.

But if anyone dares to boast, I will too. (I am talking like a fool.) 22 Are those people Hebrews? So am I. Are they Israelites? So am I. Are they from Abra- ham’s family? So am I. 23 Are they serving Christ? I am serving him more. (I am crazy to talk like this.) I have worked much harder than they have. I have been in prison more often. I have been hurt more in beatings. I have been near death many times.

24 Five times the Jews have given me their punishment of 39 lashes with a whip. 25 Three different times I was beaten with rods. Once I was almost killed with rocks. Three times I was in ships that were wrecked, and one of those times I spent the night and the next day in the sea. 26 In my constant traveling I have been in danger from rivers, from robbers, from my own people and from people who are not Jews. I have been in danger in cities, in places where no one lives, and on the sea. And I have been in danger from people who pretend to be believers but are not.

27 I have done hard and tiring work, and many times I did not sleep. I have been hungry and thirsty. Many times I have been without food. I have been cold and without clothes. 28 And there are many other problems. One of these is the care I have for all the churches. I worry about each group of believers every day. 29 I feel weak every time another person is weak. I feel deeply upset every time another person is led into sin. 30 If I must boast, I will boast about

the things that show I am weak. 31 God knows that I am not lying. He is the God and Father of the Lord Jesus, and he is to be praised forever. 32 When I was in Damascus, the governor under King Aretas wanted to arrest me, so he put guards outside the city gates. 33 But some friends put me in a basket. Then they put the basket through a window in the city wall and lowered me down. So I escaped from the governor.

Psalm 106:32-39

32 At Meribah the people made the LORD angry

and created trouble for Moses.

33 They upset Moses,

and he spoke without stopping to think.

34 The LORD told the people to destroy the other nations living in Canaan,

but the Israelites did not obey him.

35 They mixed with the other people

and did what those people were doing.

36 They began worshipping the false gods those people worshipped,

and their idols became a trap.

37 They even offered their own children as sacrifices to demons.

38 They killed their innocent sons and daughters

and offered them to the false gods of Canaan.

So the land was polluted with the sin of murder.

39 They were unfaithful to him,

and they became dirty with the sins of other nations.